Windows Data Science Virtual Machine

By for February 22, 2017

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Provision the Windows Data Science Virtual Machine, a custom virtual machine image pre-installed and configured with a host of popular tools commonly used for data science and machine learning.
> **Note:** If you have already deployed this solution, click [here]( to view your deployment. ### Estimated Provisioning Time: 12 Minutes > **STOP before you proceed** You need to accept the Terms of Use of the Data Science Virtual Machine (DSVM) - Windows 2016 on your Azure Subscription before you deploy this VM the first time by clicking [here]( The 'Data Science Virtual Machine (DSVM)' is a 'Windows Server 2016 with Containers' VM & includes popular tools for data exploration, analysis, modeling & development. #### Highlights: * Microsoft R Server - Dev. Ed. (Scalable R) * Anaconda Python * SQL Server 2016 Dev. Ed. - With In-Database R analytics * Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus BYOL - Shared Computer Activation * Julia Pro + Juno Editor * Jupyter notebooks * Visual Studio Community Ed. + Python, R & node.js tools * Power BI Desktop * Deep learning tools e.g. Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit (CNTK 2.0), TensorFlow & mxnet * ML algorithm libraries e.g. xgboost, Vowpal Wabbit * Azure SDKs + libraries for various Azure Cloud offerings. Integration tools are included for: 1. Azure Machine Learning 2. Azure Data Factory 3. Stream Analytics 4. SQL Data Warehouse 5. Hadoop + Apache Spark (HDICluster) 6. Data Lake 7. Blob storage 8. ML & Data Science tutorials as Jupyter notebooks Tools for ML model operationalization as web services in the cloud, using Azure ML or Microsoft R Server. Pre-configured and tested with Nvidia drivers, CUDA Toolkit 8.0, & NVIDIA cuDNN library for GPU workloads available if using [NC class VM SKUs]( Queries & feedback: [DSVM community support forum]( Resources: [DIY Guide]( #### Learn more [Documentation]( [Overview]( [Tutorial]( [Community Forum]( [Data Science Virtual Machine for Linux (Ubuntu)]( ## Disclaimer ©2017 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. This information is provided "as-is" and may change without notice. Microsoft makes no warranties, express or implied, with respect to the information provided here. Third party data was used to generate the Solution. You are responsible for respecting the rights of others, including procuring and complying with relevant licenses in order to create similar datasets. ![ ](