Windows Data Science Virtual Machine

By for February 22, 2017

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Provision the Windows Data Science Virtual Machine, a custom virtual machine image pre-installed and configured with a host of popular tools commonly used for data science and machine learning.
> **Note:** If you have already deployed this solution, click [here]( to view your deployment. ### Estimated Provisioning Time: 12 Minutes > **STOP before you proceed** You need to accept the Terms of Use of the Data Science Virtual Machine (DSVM) - Windows 2016 on your Azure Subscription before you deploy this VM the first time by clicking [here]( The 'Data Science Virtual Machine (DSVM)' is a 'Windows Server 2016 with Containers' VM & includes popular tools for data exploration, analysis, modeling & development. #### Highlights: * Microsoft R Server - Dev. Ed. (Scalable R) * Anaconda Python * SQL Server 2016 Dev. Ed. - With In-Database R analytics * Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus BYOL - Shared Computer Activation * Julia Pro + Juno Editor * Jupyter notebooks * Visual Studio Community Ed. + Python, R & node.js tools * Power BI Desktop * Deep learning tools e.g. Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit (CNTK 2.0), TensorFlow & mxnet * ML algorithm libraries e.g. xgboost, Vowpal Wabbit * Azure SDKs + libraries for various Azure Cloud offerings. Integration tools are included for: 1. Azure Machine Learning 2. Azure Data Factory 3. Stream Analytics 4. SQL Data Warehouse 5. Hadoop + Apache Spark (HDICluster) 6. Data Lake 7. Blob storage 8. ML & Data Science tutorials as Jupyter notebooks Tools for ML model operationalization as web services in the cloud, using Azure ML or Microsoft R Server. Pre-configured and tested with Nvidia drivers, CUDA Toolkit 8.0, & NVIDIA cuDNN library for GPU workloads available if using [NC class VM SKUs]( Queries & feedback: [DSVM community support forum]( Resources: [DIY Guide]( #### Learn more [Documentation]( [Overview]( [Tutorial]( [Community Forum]( [Data Science Virtual Machine for Linux (Ubuntu)](